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MPC8640D Single Board Computer

  • 3U VPX
  • NXP MPC8640 Dual-Core processor
  • DDR2 with ECC  (up to 2 GB)
  • PCIe switch
  • 1GB NAND flash


The IC-PPC-VPX3a is powered by one MPC8640D processor to deliver the best-in-class PowerPC performances (including AltiVec 128-bit vector processing engines). Designed for applications requiring a very high level of performance in a compact 3U form factor, the IC-PPC-VPX3a board provides a very flexible combination of interfaces, supporting OpenVPX’s high bandwith serial switched fabrics, and offering an IOs Mezzanine for custom application.

The IC-PPC-VPX3a, associated with our FPGA VPX 3U and/or with our XMC carrier supporting IOs boards, is the ideal solution to build high computing platforms, FPGA processing configurations or embedded computers.

Processor Unit
one MPC8640 Dual-Core running at 1 GHz (up to 1,25) with :
L1 cache : 32KB Inst. and 32KB Data
1MB of L2 integrated cache with parity
two DDRII banks (default : 1 GBytes each) with ECC
2*128MB Mirror-Bit Flash (up to 2*256 MBytes)
512 KB of nvSRAM (non-volatile memory)
one Calendar clock with supercap backup
one Elapsed Time Counter
one thermal monitoring sensor
1GB of Soldered NAND flash (up to 8GB/SLC or 16GB/MLC)

Communication subsystem
8 lanes available as one PCIe x8 or two PCIe x4 or four PCIe x2 links (hardware setting, opt. 4* x2 possible)
2*GigaEthernet ports available either as 2*1000BT interfaces or 2*1000KX (or SGMII) interfaces on P1
(factory setting) 
2*GigaEthernet ports available either as 2*1000BT interfaces on front RJ45 connectors or as 2*1000KX (or SGMII) interfaces on P2
1* RS232 UART available on a front mini USB connector and P1
1* RS422 UART available on P2
8* GPIOs on P2 (3.3V LVTTL Level, available as interrupt source)
16* differential pairs (optional thanks to an expansion mezzanine)
Status Leds
PIC μ-controller for System Management (per VITA 46.11)

Engineering kit for debug : JTAG/COP, console,...
3U Rear Transition Module

The IC-PPC-VPX3a is a VPX 3U / 4HP board compliant with 3U module definitions of the VITA 46.0 standard.

The IC-PPC-VPX3a is available in air cooled and conduction cooled versions compliant with VITA 47 classes

Interface features

Front connectors :
2*Giga Ethernet port (1000BT - RJ45) (also 
available on P2)
1*RS232 UART (also available on P1)

P1 connector
8 lanes available as one PCIe x8 or two PCIe x4 
or four PCIe x2 links (hardware setting)
2*GigaEthernet ports available either as 
2*1000BT interfaces or 2*1000KX (or SGMII) 
interfaces (factory setting)
1*RS232 UART

P2 connector
1*RS422 UART 
2*GigaEthernet ports available as 1000KX (or SGMII) interfaces (automatic detection with 1000BT front interfaces)
Eight GPIOs (3.3V LVTTL Level). Each input can be individually configured as a source of interrupt (level or front).
16 differential pairs (100Ohms impedance) coming from the Expansion IOs mezzanine (when installed).

IC-PPC-VPX3a - MPC8640D Single Board Computer diagram
IC-PPC-VPX3a - MPC8640D Single Board Computer diagram
Criterion Standard Extended Rugged Conduction-cooled 71°C Conduction-cooled 85°C
Coating Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operat. Temp. 0 to 55°C -20 to 65°C -40°C to 71°C or 85°C (*) -40°C to 71°C
at the thermal interface (*)
-40°C to 85°C
at the thermal interface (*)
Rec. airflow 1 .. 2 m/s 2 .. 3 m/s 2 .. 5 m/s - -
Oper. HR% no cond. 5 to 90% 5 to 95% 5 to 95% 5 to 95% 5 to 95%
Storage Temp. -45°C to 85°C -45°C to 85°C -45°C to 100°C -45°C to 100°C -45°C to 100°C
Sinusoidal Vibr 2G [20..2000]Hz 2G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz
Random Vibr 0.002g2 /Hz
0.002g2 /Hz
0.05g2 /Hz
0.1g2 /Hz
0.1g2 /Hz
Shock 1/2 Sin. 11ms 20G 20G 40G 40G 40G
(*) Temperature grades are subject to availability according to IC products. Please consult us.

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