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Silver award - ComEth4000e

Silver award - ComEth4000e

news / 2021-09-03

Quimper, 03rd September 2021:

Interface Concept has won the 2021 Military & Aerospace Technology Innovators SILVER Award for its ComEth4000e - 6U VME 1/10/40 Gigabit Ethernet Switch.

The ComEth4000e 6U VME 1/10/40 Gigabit Ethernet switch can be populated with mezzanine boards in factory, according to your Ethernet bandwidth needs. These boards provide multiple Ethernet port configurations with scalable bandwidth spanning from 100M/1G (SFP), 1G/10G (SFP+), 10GBASE-T to 40G (QSFP) instead of the front 1000BASE-T default configuration (4 front ports for the single slot version and 8 front for the dual-slot version). The concept is simple: whether you need 100M/1G/10G or 40G Ethernet ports either on a single slot (4 ports) or a dual slot (8 ports), we can provide you with the tailor-made VME Ethernet switch by integrating one of the 5 mezzanine boards. One significant asset is to provide a cost-effective solution to the user by adding the mezzanine board needed, instead of buying a new 6U VME board with the required configuration. A second asset is to be able to keep your legacy VME systems running by upgrading the Ethernet bandwidth with the addition of one of these mezzanine boards, or by keeping the 100FX Ethernet configuration specific to VME systems. Interface Concept has extended this modular mezzanine board concept to a range of existing VME and cPCI Gigabit Ethernet based on 6U cPCI (ComEth4050e) and 6U VME (ComEth4070e) form-factors, offering multiple Ethernet configurations.


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