Aero applications

Jet Liner Information Systems

Aero Application - Interface Concepts IC-DC2-cPCIB

Big Jet Liners include onboard information systems for processing and storage of flight and maintenance information data.
In partnership with equipment manufacturers, IC develops the modules that are the constituents of the electronic heart of these systems.

Multimode Airborne Radars

Aero Application - Interface Concepts ic-fep-vpx6a ic-int-vpx6a

Surveillance over territorial waters including off-shore oil and gas facilities and search and rescue operations are essential to ensure sovereignty. Multimode radars relies on digital technologies and their signal processing fully programmable functions provide several mode of operation. The IC's OpenVPX products allow building the best multimode radars using the last digital technologies.

Airborne Early Warning and Control/Maritime Patrol

Aero Application - Interface Concepts Cometh4300a Cometh4080a

High speed digital data communications are a key element for Airborne Early Warning and Control and Maritime Patrol Aircraft. The Non-Blocking L2/L3 switches of IC are extensively used in these important airborne communication functions.