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14-bit, Quad 2 or 2.5 Gsps (option: 3 Gsps)

  • FMC - VITA57.4 HSPC Compliant
  • 4 Channels 14-bit, 2 or 2.5/2.6 Gsps A/D
  • JESD204B Interfaces
  • SSMC Connectors
  • Conduction-cooled compliant

IC-ADC-FMCPa -  analog-to-digital  Quad 14 bit FMC board

The IC-ADC-FMCPa board is part of our Front End Processing product line to respond to the increasing demand in fast data sampling for embedded systems especially in the field of Software-defined Radio, Radar and Electronic Warfare and solutions.

Designed for applications where high data sampling is required, the IC-ADC-FMCPa is a VITA 57.4 FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC). It offers a flexible connectivity with our FPGA 3U and 6U Front End Processing boards running our Signal Processing Reference Design (including signal acquisition, Processing DMA Engine, data storage, signal generation,…) thus allowing customers to streamline development of high performance signal acquisition systems by concentrating their efforts on their most critical tasks.

The IC-ADC-FMCPa is available in three sample rate configurations : 2 and 2.5 Gsps (3 Gsps as an option).

Analog Inputs
Two Analog Devices ADCs with 14-bit resolution 
Sampling rate up to 2.6 Gsps (option 3Gsps)
4 channels with SSMC connectors (*)
Input impedance 50 Ohm AC coupled
Full scale ampliture 1.5 V peak-peak (soft. con?g.)
Analog input bandwidth (-3dB) 10MHz - 4GHz

Sampling Clock (CKI):
SSMC (*) connector, 50 Ohm, AC coupled
Input level. Sine wave: 0 to +10dB. Square wave: 
LVPECL single ended
Frequency range: CKI from 1900 MHz to 2600 MHz

ADC digital interface
ADC Output: CML – 16 lines 12.5Gbps, at 2.5 GSPS, DDC bypassed
(options: 13Gbps, at 2.6 GSPS, DDC bypassed 15Gbps, at 3 GSPS, DDC bypassed)

Board Electrical/environmental
VITA 57.4 HPC single width module with Region 1 and 
front I/O
Power dissipation: 10 W (TBC)
FMC I/O voltage: 12V, 3.3V, VADJ = 1.8 V 
Air cooled, Rugged air cooled and conduction cooled version

IC-ADC-FMCPa -  analog-to-digital  Quad 14 bit FMC board diagram
IC-ADC-FMCPa -  analog-to-digital  Quad 14 bit FMC board diagram
Criterion Standard Extended Rugged Conduction-cooled 71°C Conduction-cooled 85°C
Coating Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operat. Temp. 0 to 55°C -20 to 65°C -40°C to 71°C or 85°C (*) -40°C to 71°C
at the thermal interface (*)
-40°C to 85°C
at the thermal interface (*)
Rec. airflow 1 .. 2 m/s 2 .. 3 m/s 2 .. 5 m/s - -
Oper. HR% no cond. 5 to 90% 5 to 95% 5 to 95% 5 to 95% 5 to 95%
Storage Temp. -45°C to 85°C -45°C to 85°C -45°C to 100°C -45°C to 100°C -45°C to 100°C
Sinusoidal Vibr 2G [20..2000]Hz 2G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz
Random Vibr 0.002g2 /Hz
0.002g2 /Hz
0.05g2 /Hz
0.1g2 /Hz
0.1g2 /Hz
Shock 1/2 Sin. 11ms 20G 20G 40G 40G 40G
(*) Temperature grades are subject to availability according to IC products. Please consult us.

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