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Xilinx Virtex®-6 3U VPX board with FMC Site

  • 3U VPX
  • 1*Xilinx Virtex®-6 FPGA
  • 2*DDR3-800 banks
  • NOR Flash eeprom
  • FMC site

IC-FEP-VPX3b - 3U VPX Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA board with FMC Site

The IC-FEP-VPX3b is a VPX board, the first of our Front End Processing family based on a Xilinx Virtex®-6 FPGA, offering highest performances with low power consumption.

Designed for applications requiring a very high level of computing power in a compact 3U form factor, the IC-FEPVPX3b board mixes the flexibility of a Virtex-6 FPGA with the VPX high bandwith serial interfaces.

A FMC mezzanine site enlarges the adaptability of the board to connect ADC, DAC, general IOs, video, sFPDP or additionnal FPGA FMC modules.

As part of our 3U VPX range, the IC-FEP-VPX3b, associated with our Intel® or Freescale SBCs and our XMC carrier supporting IOs boards, provides the ideal platform for radar, sonar, electronic warfare and other digital signal processing applications.

Processing Unit
Xilinx virtex-6 XC6VSX315T (others on demand)
Two banks of DDR3-800 : 40-bit wide, 1.25 GBytes each
DDRII+ SRAM : 18-bit wide / 9 MBytes
flash :
one NOR Flash eeprom (128 MBytes)
one SPI flash (16 MBytes)
Spartan®-6 LX-45T (control Node)

VPX Interfaces
Four 4-lanes Fabric ports (on P1)
4 GTX x4 channel (Fat Pipes A, B, C & D) (one lane of Fat Pipe D can be used to feed the Spartan-6)
General purpose IOs (on P2)
16 differential pairs (from FPGA)
16 differential pairs (from FMC IOs connector)
GPIOs user-defined on P1

FMC interfaces
1 GTX x4 link
80 Differential pairs
4 reference clocks

PIC μ-controller for System Management (per VITA 46.11)
4 leds
4 switches

Interface features

P1 connector
four 4-lanes Fabric ports 
four GTX x4 (ports A, B, C & D)
GPIOs - user defined

P2 connector
General purpose IOs (on P2)
sixteen differential pairs
sixteen differential pairs (from FMC IOs connector)

FMC connector 
one GTPx4 link 
80 differential pairs
4 clocks (LVDS Diff)

Engineering kit : JTAG ports for FPGA direct configuration

The IC-FEP-VPX3b is a VPX 3U / 4HP board compliant with 3U module definitions of the VITA 46.0 standard.

It is available in standard, rugged and conduction-cooled grades.

IC-FEP-VPX3b diagram - Xilinx Virtex®-6 3U VPX board with FMC Site
IC-FEP-VPX3b diagram - Xilinx Virtex®-6 3U VPX board with FMC Site
Criterion Standard Extended Rugged Conduction-cooled 71°C Conduction-cooled 85°C
Coating Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operat. Temp. 0 to 55°C -20 to 65°C -40°C to 71°C or 85°C (*) -40°C to 71°C
at the thermal interface (*)
-40°C to 85°C
at the thermal interface (*)
Rec. airflow 1 .. 2 m/s 2 .. 3 m/s 2 .. 5 m/s - -
Oper. HR% no cond. 5 to 90% 5 to 95% 5 to 95% 5 to 95% 5 to 95%
Storage Temp. -45°C to 85°C -45°C to 85°C -45°C to 100°C -45°C to 100°C -45°C to 100°C
Sinusoidal Vibr 2G [20..2000]Hz 2G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz
Random Vibr 0.002g2 /Hz
0.002g2 /Hz
0.05g2 /Hz
0.1g2 /Hz
0.1g2 /Hz
Shock 1/2 Sin. 11ms 20G 20G 40G 40G 40G
(*) Temperature grades are subject to availability according to IC products. Please consult us.

Produits associés

  • FMC - VITA57.1 HPC compliant
  • 4 Channels 16-bit, 310 Msps A/D
  • 2 Channels 16-bit, 1150 Msps D/A (Optional)
  • SSMC Connectors
  • Conduction-cooled compliant


FPGA Boards

  • 3U VPX 
  • 1*Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGA
  • 2* DDR4 banks (up to 4GB each)
  •  1*Artix®-7 control node
  • 1*FMC+ site (VITA 57.4)


Single Board Computers

  • 3U VPX
  • Intel® Core™ i7 processor (Gen3) 
  • up to 8 GB DDR3-1333 with ECC
  • FPGA  (XC7 KX70T / KX160T)
  • PCIe switch
  • VITA 46.0 compliant