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ComEth BOX 4000a

Commutateur Giga Ethernet en boîtier rackable 19 pouces

  • 19" Rack Mountable
  • Managed Layer 2 & 3
  • 20*GbE ports (front)
  • Commercial and industrial grades

ComEth BOX 4000a - 1U Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Based on the well-tried Interface Concept ComEth 40xx range, the ComEth P4000a switch provides a 19’’ Rack Mountable Managed Ethernet switch for industrial environment networking.

The ComEth P4000a offers up to 24 Giga Ethernet Ports with Link status leds.

The standard version provides 20 Gigabit RJ45 copper Ports. Optionally, the product can be delivered with 20 Gigabit RJ45 copper Ports and 4 fiber ports ; Several types of optical interfaces are available (1000SX, 1000LX, WDM...). Please consult us for specifc configurations.

Auto-crossover, auto-polarity, auto-negotiation and automatic MAC address management make the ComEth P4000a a true Plug&Play switch. The Marvell Virtual Cable tester allows a remote identification of potential cable malfunctions as excessive pair skew, cable opens, impedance mismatch...

The standard equipment integrates a 110/240 VAC 50/60Hz power supply. On demand, it can be feeded by a 18-36 VDC power supply unit. In both cases, the PSU can be redundant (please consult us). The switch is cooled by internal fans.

This equipment is fully compatible with the ComEth 40xx range (OpenVPX, cPCI & VME products). It is managed by our well proven and tested Switchware which is regularly enriched with new functionalities.

The ComEth P4000a complies with the Interface Concept Extended Grade.

up to 24 Giga Ethernet ports with a full-wire speed switching capacity of up to 37Mpps

Speed, duplex, auto-negotiation, flow control and power management on all ports
VLAN support and 802.1Q tagging
Port mirroring
Port rights management
jumbo frame support
Static MAC address list
Static IPM address list
Port static authentication
IEEE 802.1X authentication
Ingress filtering
Storm prevention
QoS on all ports
Ingress access lists
Rate limiting
Static / dynamic trunking (LACP)
IGMP snooping

Layer 2 802.1p User Priority tagging
Layer 3 IP DSCP (Diffserv)
Access Control Lists (L2, L3, L4)


Layer 3 Routing:
IPv4/IPv6 unicast routing
IPv4 multicast routing
Static IP routing (unicast and multicast)
RIPv1, RIPv2 (IPv4)
OSPFv2 (IPv4)

Flexible management tools:
PBIT results
Temperature information
CPU load Switch state
Links & Physical interfaces state
Global / detailed ports statistics
Bridge egress, ingress and RMON statistics
Queues and ingress buffers counters
IGMP snooping state by VLAN and by port
MAC address table access
IPM address table access
STP/RTSP state
802.1X authentication statistics
Logging management

User Interface, Controls & Termination

Front panel:
20 * RJ45 connectors & 20 Link status Leds ( 1 ) 
2 switch status leds
Rear panel:
PSU input(s) ( 2 )
fuse(s) ( 2 )
Mechanical ground
Console port (DB9)

Power Supply:
Input type: one AC Input ( 2 ) ( 3 )
Input Voltage: 110/240 VAC 50/60 Hz ( 3 )
Power Consumption: TBD
( 1 ): 24*RJ45 version and 20 * RJ45 + 4*1000SX (LC) 
on demand with MOQ (please consult us)
( 2 ): redundant power supply on demand 
( 3 ): 18-36 VDC on demand

Wide: 19” 
Height: 1 U
Deep: 200 mm
Weight: 2.850 kg

Compliant with Interface Concept Extended Grade
Operating Temperature: -20° to +65°C 
Storage Temperature: -45°C to +85°C
Operating Humidity: 5 to 95% 
Sinusoïdal vibrations: 2G [20..2000Hz] 
Random vibrations: 0.002g2/Hz [10..2000Hz]
Shock: TBC

ComEth 4000a Box -1U Gigabit Ethernet Switch diagram
ComEth 4000a Box -1U Gigabit Ethernet Switch diagram
Criterion Standard Extended Rugged Conduction-cooled 71°C Conduction-cooled 85°C
Coating Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operat. Temp. 0 to 55°C -20 to 65°C -40°C to 71°C or 85°C (*) -40°C to 71°C
at the thermal interface (*)
-40°C to 85°C
at the thermal interface (*)
Rec. airflow 1 .. 2 m/s 2 .. 3 m/s 2 .. 5 m/s - -
Oper. HR% no cond. 5 to 90% 5 to 95% 5 to 95% 5 to 95% 5 to 95%
Storage Temp. -45°C to 85°C -45°C to 85°C -45°C to 100°C -45°C to 100°C -45°C to 100°C
Sinusoidal Vibr 2G [20..2000]Hz 2G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz 5G [20..2000]Hz
Random Vibr 0.002g2 /Hz
0.002g2 /Hz
0.05g2 /Hz
0.1g2 /Hz
0.1g2 /Hz
Shock 1/2 Sin. 11ms 20G 20G 40G 40G 40G
(*) Temperature grades are subject to availability according to IC products. Please consult us.

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