120 Gbps full-duplex bandwidth 57.1/57.4 optical FMC

The IC-OPT-FMCPa is equipped with two optical modules, one handling 12 transmit channels and the other one handling 12 receive channels allowing short reach applications (up to 100 m) on parallel multi-mode fiber. As a VITA 57.1 FMC, the IC-OPT-FMCPa can be used for data communication with our Virtex-6, Virtex-7 and above Front End Processing boards.
A high performance low noise on board clock synthesizer feeds four clocks to the FPGA carrier board:
- three reference clocks for the FPGA Multi-gigabit transceivers
- one differential LVDS clock signal available as a FPGA Global Clock (GC)

The reference clock sources can be either:
- on-board 25 MHz +/-25ppm crystal oscillator well suited for most standard applications
- LVDS reference clock provided by FPGA carrier

Six predefined clock settings are available at power-up with different settings of the clock synthesizer.

Interface Concept has designed VITA57-compliant carrier boards, based on last generations of FPGA’s and offering the flexibility of a FMC site that can run the IC-OPT-FMCa.

Interface Concepts IC-OPT-FMCPa


Communication interface
- Two 12 MT-type optical connectors, one of the TX engine and one for the RX engine. An industry standard optical ribbon with an MT-terminated compatible connector at one end can plug into each receptacle with a small metal clip to hold it in place.
- One SSMC connector for external reference clock, AC coupled and 50 ?-terminated on-board. It can be driven by either a sine wave source (0 to 10 dBm), or a square wave source (LVPECL / CMOS).
- Clock signal (SEC_REF) provided by FPGA carrier on FMC connector on HB19_P/N pins. LVDS 100 ? differential signal and AC coupled input.
- Local 25 MHz crystal (optional oscillator for special frequency generation when necessary)
Board Electrical/environmental
- VITA 57.1/57.4 module
- Power dissipation: 3.5 W including the consumption of the two optical engines.
FMC I/O voltage: VADJ=1.8V or 2.5V (factory settings)
Standard, Extended, Rugged and Conduction Cooled grades according to http://www.interfaceconcept.com/resources/grades.html