IC-GRA-XMCb conduction-cooled XMC graphics board

Interface Concept
XMC Graphic board based on a Graphic processor unit Radeon E4690-R700 core

ATI M96 XMC Graphics board
air cooled and conduction-cooled grade (*)


IC-GRA-XMCb : Main features

Graphic Processor Unit :
  • ATI Radeon M96-CSP512 (e4690 600 MHz)
  • 512MB on-chip GDDR3 memory
  • PCI-Express 2.0 (x8 lanes on Pn5 connector)
Dual Independent Analog / Digital Output :
  • Drive two displays simultaneously with independent resolutions and refresh rates

Available interfaces (*)  on Pn6 :

  • digital interfaces :
    • two DVI (Single or Dual Link)
    • one LVDS (Single or Dual Link)
  • two analog interfaces (**), confi gurable as :
    • RGB (Sync on green, composite or seperated sync)
    • Composite or S-Video (NTSC/PAL)
  • compliant with Stanag 3350 B & C

Video Capture :
Available interfaces (*) :

  • Composite, S-Video or YUV, on
    • VGA D-sub15 front connector, or
    • Pn4 (opt. Pn6) rear connector.

(*) : Some features are mutually exclusive options. Please consult us for details
(**) : Analog interfaces possible on Pn4 connector (specific version of the board). Limitations in resolutions, related to the bandwith of PMC connector, exist. Please consult us for details

Software :
  • Linux : Interface Concept provides an OpenGL2.x 3D DRI driver with DMA management. The OpenGL-ES1.1 functions are accelerated by the GPU. A basic frame buffer (2D) driver is also available.
  • Others : For other popular real-time operating systems (Wind River VxWorks, Green Hills INTEGRITY, QNX, Neutrino...), OpenGL Driver Kits, supporting various CPU architectures including Freescale’s PowerPC and Intel’s X86 are available from ALT Software for this MB86297 Carmine board. ALT Software OpenGL graphics solutions are certifiable up to DO-178B Level A. Please contact ALT Software for details. (www.altsoftware.com)

(*) If the required environnement grade is not available, please consult us.
Depending on quantities, this board can also be customized to fully match your needs (processor, memory, IO ports...). Do not hesitate to contact our commercial department.

All our products are compliant, nevertheless we can provide leaded version on demand.

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