Since 1987, Interface Concept is a leading European designer, developer and manufacturer of electronic embedded solutions targeted at Defence, Aeronautics, Industrial and Transportation sectors. As a worldwide expert in embedded critical networks applications, IC has been designing innovation COTS solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies for 25 years. Thanks to its stable shareholdings and its strong innovation spirit. IC is developing a long term strategy sustained by a steady R&D effort representing around 20% of its revenues. This strategy includes the full control of all the technologies necessary to build its product offering, allowing:
• Secured developments, optimization of the different phases of integration.
• To provide a strong and reliable technical support to the customer.
• To ensure the code integrity for all its firmware and software products to develop COTS that are true systems by themselves(Some 6U OpenVPX products include up to 4000 components on the same board).
IC prod uct ranges include:   Intel® Pentium®s PowerPC™ single board computers and FPGA processing boards under the PREMIUM trademark in particular for high performance Signal and Data Processing.
• Fast, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches and IP Routers under the COMETH trademark for high speed and secured data embedded networks.
• 2D/3D graphics and storage modules
• Open Multi-Serial communication platforms under the LINE trademark.
IC supports many industry standards VME, PCI, cPCI, PMC, XMC, VXS, OpenVPX, MTCA 4. IC brings solutions to a large array of applications ranging from industrial to the most severe environments, by offering products in standard, extended, rugged and conducton-cooled grades. On the OpenVPX standard, IC has heavily invested on the design of a full ecosystem of 3U and 6U boards format as well as a strong software and firmware offering (UEFI Bootloaders, Reference Design, Multiware…) allowing the system design of efficient and innovative EW, Radiator EO/IR platforms.

IC offers a suite of valued-added services that enhances the standard product offerings:
 Customization based on PREMIUM, COMETH, and LINES product ranges.
 Specific custom-design.
 Product and Sub-system Integration.

IC is committed to ensuring its customers with the highest quality of service:
 Customization based on PREMIUM, COMETH, and LINES product ranges.

 High-level technical support optimizing customer product time-to-market.
 Production follow-up and life cycle management.

 Warranty and long-term support (MCO).

 Consulting and in-house training on the technologies mastered by IC.