Industry applications

Air Traffic Management Networks

Industry Applications - Interface Concepts plinesex

The Air Traffic Management market is facing real challenges to manage the continuous growth of air traffic. Air Navigation Service Providers have to improve air control capacity, efficiency and safety while reducing air transport's impact on the environment and controlling infrastructure costs.
IC is delivering its long life pLinesE4-8 solutions for interfacing radar serial links with the IP networks of the ATM networks

High Energy Physics

Industry Applications - Interface Concepts fep-tcaa ic-adc-fmcc

High Energy Physics research centers are developing increasingly more powerful accelerators as European XFEL or SLAC. For the beam control as well as for diagnostics and experiments, multi channels synchronized RF sampling together with high parallel processing power are becoming essential.
IC has developed in partnership with DESY (Germany) a MTCA.4 Virtex-7 AMC module, carrier of Vita 57 high speed sampling ADC FMCs.

Command and Control systems

Industry Applications - Interface Concepts cometh4050a 3U ic-pq3-cpcia

Integrated circuit manufacturing Equipment designers relies on the cPCI PowerPC modules of IC for their sturdiness and reliability.