Defence applications

Electronic Warfare Systems

Defence Applications - Interface Concepts int-vpx6a fep_vpx3c

Despite budget restraints, the necessity of EW systems to an increasingly large part of military activity is driving a growth in this market.
IC develops Analog to Digital conversion FMC Mezzanines for RF sampling behind the sensors and powerful and innovative Front End Processing FPGA modules coupled with CPUs.

Electro Optical and Infrared Systems

Defence Applications - Interface Concepts int-vpx3a

Many players (Cost Guards, Police, …) need more and more performing optical surveillance systems to ensure Law Enforcement and Territory Security. Behind Electro Optical sensors that operate from the visible through longwave infrared bands, IC FPGA modules and IPs and SBCs allow image capture from the sensors and provide system designer resources for image processing and storage.

Consoles and visualization systems

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Precise visualization of combined data and images are essential behind the EW and EO/IR systems. By combining on the same module the power of GPUs and the leading embedded CPU technology, IC develops innovative modules to be integrated in naval or airborne consoles.